Coir Mat

Coir is extracted naturally from coconuts so there is no chance of artificial or chemical materials involved in making this natural coir mat. This naturally made coir mats are ideal for use at home, shops, etc. These mats are made naturally, which are environment friendly too. Price of these mats is lower compared to other stylish mats that are available in the market that is made up with other material. The main benefit of using this coir mat is that it traps the dust that come into our house that comes along with footwear worn by us. Coir Mats are very sturdy and can last long. These mats are extremely durable and can withstand rapid usage. Coir mats that are used in hallway or entrance of house will give decoration kind of look to the house. These durable mats can be worth it. Cleaning and washing of these mats can be done with ease. Hand wash is recommended for cleaning these mats. Moistening the coir mat occasionally help in the long life of the mats.

Available Sizes: 40 cm x 60 cm

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