Rubber Interlocking Tiles / Puzzle Mats

This durable, thick, and portable interlocking rubber flooring tile is perfect for home gyms, basement floors, and garages. Installation is easy because, unlike rolled rubber flooring options, interlocking rubber tiles require no adhesive. These rubber tiles feature almost no rubber odor and a beautiful, smooth surface. Installing them is a very easy process as each tile is designed to snap into the other. They are perfect for use as gym flooring mats. Many people tend to use it not only as flooring for a gym, but also as anti-fatigue mats, basement flooring, industrial workshop flooring and more. Rubber tile with stud tops are suitable for installation in a variety of applications including walkways, roadways, courtyards, parade rings and wash areas. It is made using both natural and recycled rubbers, making it a durable and affordable eco-friendly flooring product. They provide stability to the body and a firm foundation for working out. Along with the prevention of injuries, these tiles are also good for insulation of the gym floor against high impact forces from heavy weight equipments and the vibrations they exude. The rubber tiles provide cushioning effect to the body which reduces the impact of forces exerted which might result in injuries in the absence of these rubber tiles. They also aid in noise reduction in the gym area and keeps the floor dry at all times by absorbing moisture and sweat so the surface is non slippery. Tiles can be used to create a sectional matting area or a wall-to-wall matting surface. Gym Rubber Tiles are excellent for use under heavy workout equipment, such as treadmills, stationery bikes, and weight-lifting machines.

Available Sizes: 1 m x 1 m x 17 mm

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